practical IT solutions for real problems

Mission statement

To provide a timely, focussed solution to the problems related to managing information. This will be done using appropriate tools & technologies, open standards, and by leveraging the power of the Open Source movement.

Contact details

For new business enquiries, requests for quotation, etc. e-mail or call 1300 881 744 (0900-1930 WST (Western Australia, i.e. UTC+8hrs)).


Peter Lyons

Peter is a consultant with a similar skillset to my own, with whom I work on larger projects and refer work to when I'm busy.

Geoff Richards

Geoff is an experienced support professional who can deal with desktops of all kinds, plus network infrastructure.

Alastair Irvine

This section covers some of the background of the proprietor of Warpspace IT. For further information, feel free to contact him using any of the methods given above.

My Stack Overflow Q&A profile

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My Server Fault Q&A profile

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brief curriculum vitae

Alastair Irvine has worked as both a Software Engineer and a system administrator. His professional experience lies in the fields of Unix system administration, network and Internet domain management and operating system maintenance. (The operating system concerned was an "in-house" system, built around a commercially available multi-tasking micro-kernel, targetted at a legacy embedded platform.)

During his career, Alastair has worked both full time and as a consultant. He has a BSc in Computer Science from Curtin University.



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